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Here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our operation. If your question is not on this list, feel free to contact us and we will give you a speedy response. Questions??

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  1. What are the actual dimensions of toybox ... ?
  2. Are they really made of wood ... ?
  3. What kind of finish does the toybox have ... ?
  4. What do you mean by handcrafted ... ?
  5. Is the toybox safe ... ?
  6. Is Assembly required ... ?
  7. What about the optional solid cedar base?
  8. What about shipping and handling...?
  9. How long does production and delivery take...?
  10. I want to give the toybox as a gift?
  11. Is this site secure for my credit card use?
  12. Can I order by check or money order?
  13. How can I contact

What are the actual dimensions ... ?

The outside dimensions of the toybox are 36"L x 18" W x 18" 
Inside dimensions are 34"L x 17 1/2"W x 17"H.

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Are they really made of wood ... ?

 Other than the metal hardware, it is entirely made of top quality wood  and decorative pine moldings. The are letters cut out of 1/4 in birch plywood, and all toyboxes are individually finished. We never use particle board, plastic or compressed wood.

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What kind of finish does the toybox have ... ?

The paint that we use is lead free, nontoxic paint in an array of vibrant cheerful colors. We either finish you box in a distressed wood technique or solid color with different variations as requested by the customer. The front panel letters are all individually painted and designed. We never use stickers, plastic or paint the box.

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What do you mean by handcrafted ... ?

Each classic  toybox & blanket chest is made by hand in our shop. This is not a manufactured product. When purchasing a handcrafted item you'll be expressing uniqueness and will be insured of a quality product. Our shop is located in Long Island New York. Like we mentioned on the home page, this venture all started only a a hobby, and now we make boxes for anyone around the world.

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Is the toybox safe ... ?

Our family has a 2 year old and a 4 year old. We have designed this toybox and blanket chest for the safety of our family and yours! (As you can about imagine, we have lots of toyboxes in our house!)

Most important, a lid support is used so that the  toybox does not slam down when lifted up. We also designed a 1 inch front panel gap so that in the unlikely event that the lid does slam down, the fingers will not be crushed because they are sitting in the gap. It also doubles as a breathing space in case the child goes inside the toybox, enough air will flow so they will not suffocate..

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Is Assembly required ... ?

Absolutely not. The benefit of our box is that it comes fully assembled for you to enjoy immediately. It is very sturdy because it is held togehter with screws and nails, not bolts that loosen with time. 

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What about the optional solid cedar base?

The classic blanket chests of years ago were always made of cedar. This would protect cloth items from insects, etc.  For only $25 we can put a solid cedar base in the bottom of the toybox and blanket chest. This not only has a functional purpose but also adds style to the classic toy box.

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What about shipping and handling ?.

We ship via UPS ground because they are the cheapest around. Shipping & Handling runs $35 flat rate where ever you live in the United States. We do not ship internationally basically because of shipping costs. Please remember that the cost is the UPS charge for an oversized very heavy package, that is delivered right to your doorstep.

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How long does production and delivery take?

Toyboxes and blanket chests are custom made to your specifications. Because of this, they are made as soon as we receive your order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery to your doorstep. The finish does take a few days to dry anyhow and UPS takes about 1 week.

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I want to give the toybox as a gift?

No problem. Go ahead and order your toybox. During the ordering process you can leave special instructions for us to follow, such as an alternated shipping address, requested arrival date, or any other information that will help you make it a terrific gift and surprise!

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Is this site secure for my credit card?

Yes, safe and secure. Credit card processing is done through Pay Pal. The information you submit is encrypted, meaning it is coded so nobody can intercept the transaction. Over 7 million people like yourself have used Pay pal on the internet and over 300,000 small businesses throughout the world use Pay pal for credit card sales. If you are not already a member, please register with them and you will get a $5 discount.

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Can I order by check or money order?

If you do not want to order through pay pal, we have an order form which you can print and complete. (order form) With this option you can pay with a check or money order. You can either mail in your order of just simply fax it to us.

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